Clean Team to bring sparkle to Downtown Chandler

March 26, 2018


Clean Team Debuts in Downtown Chandler


Chandler, Ariz. – A beautiful and clean Downtown Chandler is our top priority. In our ongoing effort to make Chandler a choice destination for meeting friends for lunch or a date night out we want our visitors to always feel like they are welcome and at home.

In order to accomplish that feeling, we are proud to introduce our new Downtown Chandler’s Clean Team.  The Team is responsible for keeping the public areas sparkling clean. Day and night, the crew works diligently to keep the walkways, parking lots and public areas in pristine condition. In addition to keeping Downtown looking beautiful, the Clean Team is a great resource for information. They can help guide our guests to a particular restaurant or provide maps with upcoming event information. They are always eager to help out the guests who are attending the weekly farmers market or the residents that call downtown home.

Thanks to a partnership arrangement with The Downtown Tempe Authority, we are able to create a consistent program and gain the maximum amount of service hours to accomplish our goal of a Clean and Friendly Downtown.

The team is on the streets Wednesday through Sunday. The Clean Team can be found in their bright green hats and shirts.  Starting the program  we have two team members, Deborah Mudge and Jim Bush. You can spot Deborah hard at work in the mornings and Jim is assigned the evening shifts.

Next time you are in Downtown Chandler, look out for our Clean Team members and don’t forget to find a member and say hello, if you get a chance capture your meeting with a selfie using and post it using the hashtag DowntownChandler.