The 'Best of' Thieves Flea Market

Chandler is about to get a lot funkier. Mar. 11-12, from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., Thieves Market, the monthly market that is usually hosted at Tempe’s Big Sur Water Park, is bringing the ‘Best Of’ Thieves Market to downtown Chandler. This flea market will feature a mix of around 50 vendors selling items like furniture, jewelry, up-cycled items, and one-of-a-kind items from yesteryear. In addition, food vendors and unique entertainment round off the event.


What makes it the 'best of'?:  If you’re like us, you’re wondering what makes this event unique from the monthly Thieves Market Fleas in the Big Sur Parking lot, what qualifies this event as the ‘best of’? Meulenbeek, the event manager, explains that these larger, multi-day events, are put on the calendar early and gives pros a chance to collect, make, and display their best inventory.

Location of the event will be in downtown Chandler’s Downtown Stage Plaza, at 178 E. Commonwealth.

Entry is $5 at the door. Bring cash, as credit cards are not accepted for this fee. For those that forget, an ATM will be available. 

Entertainment/Food: Saharan Silk (belly dancing) on both days and The White Lightnin’ Band, an “Acoustic Roots American” band, will play on Mar. 11. Food vendors include local food trucks The Local Lunchbox and Waffle Crush along with additional snack vendors. They will have various food options for purchase, for when you need to raise those blood sugar levels after hours of shopping.

Tips? Bring additional cash in addition to the $3 for entry. Many vendors are willing to barter. Don’t be afraid to offer a different price than what’s listed, as ‘that’s part of the fun, snagging a deal,” says Meulenbeek. Bags for carrying your treasures to the car and sealed water bottles are also encouraged. Come prepared to roll-up your sleeves and dig in.