Hands on Volunteer Opportunity to add art to a Public Space

Mar. 10, 2017

Chandler, Ariz. – On Saturday, Mar. 25, starting at 11 a.m., the Downtown Chandler Community Partnership, in collaboration with local artists and volunteers, will bring one-of-a-kind art designs to the historic area. The group is now seeking volunteers to lend a hand in bringing these art projects to the downtown.

Three popular crosswalks along Arizona Ave. were chosen as the sites for the artists’ designs. ‘We loved the idea of adding a bit of surprise and delight when you do something as everyday as crossing the street,” Beth Fiorenza, the organizer of the project and Executive of Downtown Chandler Community Partnership said. The project was made possible through a grant given to the group by The International Downtown Association and Springboard for the Arts. The grant will be used to pay the local artists for their time and work. A panel of community members involved with the local arts scene picked the four winning designs, after receiving over twenty submissions.

“It was very important that the designs spoke to our unique city, especially the downtown corridor,” Fiorenza said. The chosen designs included two by Melody Smith, one by the group Team Mac, and a design by Noe Baez. The designs represent various dimensions of the downtown, from the creative technology and entrepreneur sector, the area’s shopping, dining, and entertainment, to the city’s unofficial mascot, an ostrich.

With the crosswalk designs picked, the group is now looking for volunteers to help the day of Mar. 25 to implement the designs. This would involve coming to the downtown starting at 11 a.m. and staying for however long it takes to finish the design you’re assigned, potentially as late as 5 p.m. The task involves applying the paint on the road to the specified areas. Arizona Ave., a popular road and site of the projects, will be closed for the festivities surrounding the annual event, The Great American Barebeque & Beer Festival, so it is likely volunteers will have crowds watching them as they paint.  “This is a really fun volunteer opportunity as you’ll have a finished product at the end of things, and get to say ‘I helped to make this possible,’” Fiorenza says.

Interested volunteers can use the online link to sign up for a spot. They currently have around 40 spots available. Volunteering includes free entry into The Great American Beer & BBQ Festival, so volunteers can enjoy the event after wrapping up their volunteer time.  

“We’re excited to bring locally created art to the downtown, especially knowing that volunteers are needed to make it possible, because where there are helping hands there is community,” Fiorenza says.