AUGUST 11, 2017.  


The Brickyard Downtown in Chandler offers a lively yet sophisticated late-night scene.  “I intentionally created a place where seasonal menu changes are the norm, where our patrons feel comfortable trying new things and the staff can feel comfortable sharing their creativity through food and drink.” -Co-owner and General Manager Gavin Jacobs.

With the evolving growth of the phoenix nightlife here is an inside look at what is going on behind the bricks at the Brickyard Downtown and who is making it happen.


A diehard skier raised in Los Alamos, NM, got his first job as a dishwasher after being pressured by his parents to pay for his own ski gear.   He fell in love with the industry and knew it was for him. He moved to Portland, Oregon, and within two years had his first sous chef job at the renowned Jake's Famous Crawfish. He moved to Arizona to attend the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in Scottsdale and was provided the chance to work at the five-star five-diamond restaurant Mary Elaine's at The Phoenician under the tutelage of Bradford Thompson. After the restaurant closed, he moved to Sol Y Sombra where he got his grasp of authentic Spanish tapas. In 2010, Aaron received the opportunity to work with Beau MacMillan at The Sanctuary Resort. His responsibility was to serve the exclusive Table 12 - a private dining table that included a 6 to 12 course tasting menu plated in front of the guests in the kitchen.  His hard work and “cooking is a lifestyle” philosophy landed him his current role at The Brickyard.  He thrives at the opportunity to create approachable plates with unconventional items and combinations.


A former US Navy Corpsman and Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran, the Arcadia native, Bobby “DOC” Kramer is the Head Bar Keep, and showcases his artistry with designing perfectly balanced hand crafted recipes. After spending years in the medical field, Bobby became fascinated with Chemistry, Alchemy, and even the science of flavor. He learned the bartending basics under long-time friend Tyler Strasser (who also resides as a mixologist at the Brickyard Downtown) and Bobby proceeded to actively involve himself in the United States Bartender’s Guild, attending seminars and competitions.  Achievements include becoming a two-time regional contender in the Diageo World Class Competition 2015 & 2016.   #BobbyBricks strives to continuously learn and create, not just an atmosphere or cocktail, but an unparalleled experience.


“Seasonal innovation is essential” says Jacobs.  The menus incorporate seasonal items at their prime and they are prepared in a way that compliments the weather changes.

The teams - behind the line & behind the bar - create new concoctions and variations nightly; but as the summer heats up, it’s time to put some of those experiments on paper.  The Brickyard launched their second round of menus (both food & drink) at the beginning of July, before the restaurant even hit its 6 month mark and will continue to produce seasonal food and drink menu launches into the foreseeable future.  Here is what you can expect from this one:

The new food menu is a 1-page list of delectable sharing plates designed and crafted by Head Chef, Aaron Rickel.  There is a total of 26 items; 12 of which were (in some shape or form) on the previous menu.    See below for a little taste on our customer favorites:

(Above) Chilled Corn Soup accented by Truffle Powder, Bacon, Arugula, Chili Oil

(Above)  Hangar Steak with Chimichurri, Charred Scallions, and Churasco.

(Above) Grilled Peach with Wild Arugala, Idiazabal Cheese, Red Wine Reduction, and Prosciutto.

(Above) Roasted Chicken with Truffle, Parmesan Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetable, and Natural Jus.


The new drink menu, aka The Brickyard Book, is a 15-page repertoire compiled by Head Mixologist Bobby Kramer, that includes everything from classics to out of this world fresh concoctions.

With classic cocktails & their history, custom recipes, The Brickyard’s Hall Of Fame (favorites by customers & the community), Spirits and a few other complementary, yet essential, elements like happy hour, beer & wine & equally-well-crafted “Designated Driver” (non-alcoholic) cocktails - the book has something for everyone.

(Above)“Strawberry Fizz Forever” with Aviation Gin, Giffard Strawberry, Mint Tea Syrup, Lemon Juice, Rose Flower H2O, Egg White, and Lambrusco Italian Bubbly.
A fizz is traditionally gin with citrus, frothed with egg white and soda. This take we focus on the floral notes of lavender from Aviation gin, by adding rose flower water, mint tea syrup and strawberry liqueur. We balance the cocktail with fresh lemon juice and top it with Lambrusco I talian bubbly.

(Above) “Oaxacan on the Sun” with Arette Tequila, Meletti 1870, Orange Tea Syrup, Lemon, Egg White, and Serrano Bitters.
This cocktail will read (wa-hak-an) and be a sour spicy Tequila cocktail. We use Arette Tequila with serrano bitters, egg white and fresh lemon juice balanced out by orange tea syrup, Meletti 1870 (like aperol meets Campari). We finish the cocktail with a serrano slice and Mas Mole bitters.

(Above) “Meringue-A-Tang” with La Caravedo Pisco, Lemon Sherbet, and Vanilla Extract.

A take on the classic Pisco Sour – most popular cocktail in Peru and Chile.  We use Peruvian Pisco with a house-made lemon sherbet syrup

and a dash of vanilla extract with a bruléed

lemon meringue over the top.

Commonly asked:  some of the menu items, especially classic cocktails from the previous menu can be recreated upon request.  Many cannot, due to supplies no longer carried at The Brickyard Downtown.   This means that patrons only have a few months to experience the goodies on this menu before some of the items disappear.

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