Chandler Farmer's Market Application

Please submit the form to participate in the market. The market is a mix of hand-made/home-grown items. The market coordinator will contact you regarding the status of your application within 10 business days.  Please read our guidelines on our "Applications" page before filling out this form.  

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Date of Application
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Please give us the links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc
The City of Chandler requires a State Tax License in order to participate in the events. If you are accepted, you will need to get your license to sell. If you do not have one, just type "I will get a license if accepted". For more info., please read the guidelines on our website.
All food vendors must have appropriate licensing and permits as required by the Maricopa County Health Department, the State of Arizona, and the City of Chandler. A copy must be submitted to the DCCP via email or mail.
If yes, please add us to your policy and submit the Certificate of Insurance to If no, please download the Hold Harmless agreement and email to the above email address.

(Please click on submit button to apply)  Thank you!