Sponsored by APS, The Downtown Chandler Community Partnership (DCCP) will host its Downtown Annual Meeting and Awards Breakfast on June 15, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza San Marcos Resort.  We will recognize our sponsors, volunteers and partners.   The success of the DCCP is a result of the cooperation of the City of Chandler, businesses, property owners, sponsors and community members.

Please nominate a valued leader, group and/or organization for their positive contributions to Downtown Chandler.   Three award opportunities are:

Downtown Chandler Advocate Award – The Downtown Advocate Award recognizes an outstanding individual whose advocacy and commitment positively impacted Downtown Chandler. 

Downtown Chandler Lifetime Achievement Award - The Lifetime Achievement Award honors an extraordinary individual’s lasting dedication and unmatched years of service to Downtown Chandler.  

Downtown Chandler Business of the Year Award - The Downtown Business Award recognizes a business whose leadership and participation is a major contributor to the success of Downtown Chandler.

The Nominee should be a Downtown Chandler individual, volunteer, business or organization that has made significant contributions resulting in a positive impact on the community.  Please nominate someone today using the form below...

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