The Downtown Chandler Summer Bingo Game

Downtown Chandler invites you to participate in the 2017 Downtown Chandler Summer Bingo Game. The goal of the game is to have fun in in the valley despite the rising temperatures. Participants choose when they would like to complete a task, doing activities during their free time in the month of June, July and August. Tasks are a round up of 24 quintessential Downtown Chandler summer activities, with many tasks being free. Participants of all ages are encouraged to play along. We would love for you to share your playing with us on social media via the hashtags #dtcsummer and #downtownchandler. Participants who achieve a bingo and submit proof of completion (see below for details) will be entered for a chance to win a prize. The event kicks off June 1st, all tasks must be done during the months of June, July and August for a chance to win a prize. More information (and a downloadable bingo card) is found below. 


Four winners will be chosen. Winners will receive a gift card to a Downtown Chandler business valued at $50. 


All tasks must be completed in June, July and August of 2017. One submittal per person. Regardless of the number of bingos, each participant gets one entry. Completed bingos are either through a column of 5 completed tasks, a row of 5 completed tasks, or 5 diagonally. The middle spot, with the Downtown Chandler logo, is a free spot and is considered complete. Proof of completion for each task is required, and must be submitted by September 1st.

For couples/groups playing: Each person wanting a chance to win must submit proof of their own completion. For items that require photographic submittals, both (or more) participants must be in the pictures, or the participants can take separate photos. 

Please note, we plan on using the submitted photos via social media and print materials. The more creative you are with your photos, the more likely we'll use them. If you want, we will tag your Instagram handle when using them. 

Each task requires a photo for proof. Below is the break down of the required photographic proof for each item: 

  • A lemonade or tea at ChopShop Chandler - take a photo of you with your tea or lemonade inside ChopShop Chandler. 
  • Check-in at Downtown Chandler - Send a screenshot from your check-in via either Facebook or Yelp. 
  • Salad at Crisp Greens - Take a photo of your salad inside Crisp Greens. 
  • Do a walk-in activity at Burst of Butterflies - take a photo of your finished project, or of you making your project.
  • Rent a book at the Downtown Chandler Library - Send a photo of you at the library. 
  • Visit the Vision Gallery - Take a photo in front of the Vision Gallery sign. 
  • Try on a pair of boots at Saba's Western Wear - Send a picture of you rockin' some boots inside Saba's Western Wear.
  • Get something from the pastry case at Downtown Chandler Cafe - Take a photo of your item inside the cafe. 
  • Get an appetizer at VB Lounge - take a photo of you enjoying the food! 
  • Ice cream at Ice Cream Sammies - snap a photo of your dessert. 
  • Go to a show at ImprovMANIA - take a photo of the performers on the stage. 
  • Tapas or drinks at La Bocca - take a photo of you enjoying your food or drinks at La Bocca. 
  • Take a photo at the air-stream trailer at Blue Planet outdoors - send the photo.
  • Revolving sushi plate at Eastwind - take a photo of the revolving sushi or of your plate at Eastwind. 
  • Paleta at Paletas Betty - take a photo of your paleta in its package. 
  • Dessert or cappuccino at La Stalla - take a photo of your food at La Stalla. 
  • Get drinks or an appetizer at The Brickyard Downtown - take a photo of you with your selection inside the Brickyard. 
  • Breakfast pizza at SanTan Brewing Co. - take a photo of your breakfast pizza. 
  • A meal at Serranos - take a photo of you sitting in the restaurant with your meal. 
  • Visit the birds  at The Perch - Send a photo of you with one of the birds.
  • Fish and chips at Murphy's Law Irish Pub - take a photo of you eating your fish and chips. 
  • Lunch at Wimpy's Paradise - take a photo of your meal. 
  • Try something on the summer menu at Peixoto - take a photo of the item you're trying. 
  • Take a photo with CeCe at Sibley's - Send a photo/selfie of you and CeCe (don't know who CeCe is? Ask a Sibley's employee!).

Submit your items by Sept. 1st to 

The Bingo Card: 

Download the PDF of the bingo card file here